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31 May 2013


Last night I spoke at the Wealthy Street Theater on reconciling faith in Christ with being gay. Throughout the entire process of coming out, I've tried to maintain a middle road. Being gay and Christian puts me in a tough place. Over the years, so many gays and lesbians have been deeply wounded by the actions of Christians, and there is a segment of the LGBT population who is, rightfully, very bitter towards the church. On the other side of the issue are the believers who have very firmly held beliefs that homosexuality is a sin, and that if one remains unrepentant, they can't get into heaven.

This is my personal take on it: I don't believe being gay is a sin, but if it is, that sin is still covered by the cross.

As we move forward as a community of believers, I want to make one thing clear, I am absolutely at peace with agreeing to disagree. I will talk with anyone, regardless of their beliefs. The only thing that I ask is that we come together without rhetoric or vitriol.  I believe we must follow Christs example, and we must discuss our differences with civility and love. We may not end up agreeing, but at the very least, we can still be brothers and sisters.

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  1. Daniel,
    Thank you for the grace-filled way in which you are handing all of us and our reactions. I have always appreciated this characteristic of your family. Really do appreciate the way your news stretches my thinking and leads me to pray for you, others and my own thoughts on issues that are hard to resolve.